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Functioning as the central control hub of your HVAC system, the thermostat dictates when your system activates and deactivates. However, contemporary thermostats surpass mere on-off functionality. Modern iterations offer advanced features such as automatic scheduling, system notifications, and customizable interfaces. Due to their seamless comfort provision and precise management capabilities, investing in a top-tier, modern thermostat often proves to be a homeowner’s wisest choice.

For unparalleled thermostat service in Jackson, look no further than Aspen One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Whether it’s a basic model or a sophisticated one with myriad functions, we excel at swift repairs and installations. When upgrading from an older thermostat, we take the time to demonstrate its new features and optimize its operation. For compatible models, we facilitate integration with technology like Wi-Fi, smartphones, and smart speakers. Our commitment to your satisfaction means we go the extra mile to ensure you’re delighted with our service, understanding that your smile is integral to our success.

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Our Thermostat Services

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Thermostat Repair

If your heating or AC system is acting up, a malfunctioning thermostat might be the culprit. Loose connections or worn-out components often lead to thermostat malfunctions. Our team of HVAC experts in Jackson specializes in promptly diagnosing and resolving these issues. Regardless of the type or brand of thermostat, we have the expertise to repair it efficiently and effectively.

Thermostat Replacement

When you’re ready to bid farewell to your outdated thermostat, reach out to Aspen One Hour for thermostat replacement in Jackson. Our skilled technician will guide you through the array of options to discover the ideal choice for your needs. After selecting the perfect thermostat, we’ll seamlessly uninstall the old unit and install the new one, ensuring proper wiring and functionality. Before concluding our service, we’ll conduct thorough testing to verify that your HVAC system functions flawlessly with the new thermostat in place.

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Thermostat Installation

Are you in the market for a thermostat for your new home? If so, you’ll want the expertise of a professional. Although thermostats may appear straightforward, their installation requires precise positioning and calibration. Placing them in overly sunny locations, for example, can lead to inaccurate temperature readings. For expert thermostat installation in Jackson, contact us at (517) 879-2049.

Trusted Thermostat Experts Since 1981

Types Of Thermostats

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Programmable Thermostats

Today’s thermostats offer versatile temperature settings tailored to different times of the day. For instance, if you have a typical 9-to-5 schedule, you can program your thermostat to increase the temperature during work hours to reduce AC usage. Similarly, for nighttime, the thermostat can automatically lower the heat to facilitate better, more restful sleep. Thanks to their extensive features, these advanced units have largely supplanted setback thermostats.

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Non-Programmable Thermostats

If you prefer to avoid the complexity of programming your thermostat, we offer several straightforward options to suit your needs. These models feature simple button controls, ensuring easy operation while still delivering the comfort you desire.

WI-FI Thermostats

Wi-Fi thermostats can sync with your smartphone through your home’s Internet connection. This enables you to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world and facilitates convenient, intuitive programming. We offer models compatible with both Android and Apple devices to cater to your preferences.

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Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats seamlessly integrate with various home automation devices, such as smart speakers, streamlining comfort management. By learning your lifestyle patterns, they automatically adjust your home’s temperature accordingly. These advanced units are ideal for tech-savvy households seeking to optimize energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Easy To See Thermostats

Easy-to-see thermostats are a brilliant innovation that often goes unnoticed! Functioning similarly to standard thermostats, they are just as user-friendly. These thermostats feature prominently raised numbers, making them easily readable for individuals with impaired vision. Additionally, they emit an audible click at each degree increment when adjusting the temperature with the dial. For added convenience, an optional large, clear dial cover is available to assist those with arthritis.

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Tips From The Home Comfort Experts

Home thermostats are pivotal devices that regulate indoor temperature levels, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency. They control heating, cooling, and ventilation systems based on pre-set preferences, schedules, or detected environmental conditions. Traditional thermostats require manual adjustments, while smart thermostats offer advanced features such as remote control via smartphone apps, learning algorithms to optimize settings, and integration with smart home ecosystems. Programmable thermostats enable users to schedule temperature adjustments, reducing energy consumption when spaces are unoccupied. By providing precise temperature control and energy-saving capabilities, home thermostats play a vital role in creating a comfortable and environmentally sustainable living environment.

Modern thermostats offer numerous advantages over their conventional counterparts. Here are some compelling reasons to consider requesting a quote for thermostat replacement:

  1. Cost Savings: Managing expenses is crucial. The digital thermostats we install utilize pre-programmed settings to minimize energy usage and maximize savings. This translates to more disposable income for the things you cherish. Additionally, you can regulate heating and cooling while away, conserving energy during business trips or vacations.

  2. Precision Control: Electronic controls enable modern thermostats to precisely meet your temperature requirements. They can also promptly alert you to any HVAC system issues, preventing minor problems from escalating. This proactive approach allows you to contact your Jackson HVAC contractor before a complete AC replacement becomes necessary.

  3. Convenience: With smart thermostats, there’s no need for constant adjustments. Simply program them once, and you’re set. Many adjustments can be made conveniently from your favorite spot in the house. For further HVAC convenience, explore our AC maintenance programs.

Clearly, there are compelling reasons to upgrade your thermostat in Michigan and Jackson. As a cost-effective HVAC service, doing so can significantly enhance your comfort while simplifying daily life. To schedule thermostat service in Jackson, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (517) 879-2049.

If your thermostat isn’t functioning properly, you may be unsure of the next steps to take. Before reaching out to us at (517) 879-2049 and saying, “My thermostat isn’t working, what should I do?” consider the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check the thermostat settings: Ensure that your thermostat is set correctly, as it’s common for issues to arise from simple selector switch settings, such as being set to ‘heat’ instead of ‘cool’ during warmer months.

  2. Verify power supply: If the display is unclear or dim, it could indicate insufficient power. Try replacing the thermostat’s battery to see if this resolves the issue.

  3. Examine mounting: For older non-digital thermostats, faulty readings may be caused by a loose mounting. Check if the unit is securely anchored to the wall and adjust as needed.

  4. Evaluate placement: Improper placement near heat or cold sources can affect temperature readings. Remove any nearby sources of temperature fluctuation and observe if the readings improve. If necessary, consider relocating the thermostat to a more optimal position, ideally in a room with an outside wall for quicker response to outdoor temperature changes.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, it’s time to enlist the expertise of a Jackson HVAC contractor. A heating and cooling professional possesses the necessary skills to swiftly diagnose and rectify the problem.

For all your digital thermostat installation or repair needs, trust the HVAC experts at Aspen One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. With over 43 years of dedicated service to the Jackson and Michigan area, we’ve honed our skills in prioritizing customer satisfaction and meeting your comfort requirements. Beyond thermostat services, we offer a comprehensive range of heating and AC solutions.

If you’re eager to regain comfort in your home, contact us at (517) 879-2049. Join our growing list of satisfied customers and experience our commitment to excellence firsthand.

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We have been dedicated to providing the absolute best home heating and cooling services to the Jackson County area since we opened our doors back in 1981. From the professionalism of our salespeople, to the dedication of our technicians, we are committed to delivering you the absolute best HVAC services. We take our responsibility very seriously when you place your trust in us and provide both performance and satisfaction guarantees on all of the work that we complete. Call us today or schedule your service to find out for yourself why we have earned a reputation of integrity and quality work since we opened our doors in 1981.

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Home Maintenance Plans To Keep Your HVAC Equipment Running Strong

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you ask this question about oil changes? Probably not… As complex pieces of machinery, your air conditioner and furnace are not that different from your car. They need regular maintenance to function efficiently and routine inspections can ensure your equipment stays running strong and issue free year round. Annual maintenance inspections will catch small problems before they become major issues and will give you the peace of mind that you have done all you can to protect your investment on your home heating and cooling systems.

You’ll typically pay $80 to $200 for an A/C or furnace tune-up in Jackson. The amount depends on a variety of items including the number and size of your air conditioning units. Accessibility can also be a factor. While this may seem like a decent chunk of change, it’s a lot cheaper than paying for AC repair or replacement in Jackson. For savings opportunities, we suggest checking out our Comfort Club.

You hear your air conditioner buzzing along, but the number on the thermostat keeps climbing. When you check a nearby vent, you find the air from it is temperate at best. The lack of cold air has three likely causes:

  • Condenser Issues: Condensers in Jackson are typically located outside the home. They can sometimes get blocked by plants and other debris. Seasonal tree shedding is notorious. Clean it off. Your equipment should also be kept at least three feet from other objects.
  • Dirty Filters: You’re meant to change your furnace filter on a monthly basis. This is true even during AC season. Have you been doing that? If not, go check your filter. For anything darker than light grey, replace it with a new one. After changing the filter, give the unit time to adjust.
  • Evaporator Coil Issues: Filled with refrigerant, your evaporator coil is responsible for pulling the heat out of the air. If you see ice on it, the coil is likely the cause of your HVAC problems.

If these changes don’t help, give us a call at (517) 879-2049.

A lot of clients ask us this question. They want to know how much a new system or repair will cost before we evaluate your situation. Because of the numerous factors involved in heating and cooling systems, it’s nearly impossible to accurately provide estimates until we are on site and able to diagnose the problem. Once our technicians have been able to properly diagnose your issue, they will provide you with an itemized list of what needs to be repaired and will provide you with a final price to repair your HVAC issue.

With your typical HVAC system counting for roughly half of your energy consumption, you should always be looking for ways to cut down on energy consumption. If your electric or heating bills are giving you the blues, consider:

  • Upgrading Your System: Though this may seem like a counterintuitive way to save money, this move often pays for itself. Newer units not only cost less to run but also tend to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Opt for an Energy Efficient Cooling System: Going for an ENERGY STAR unit can save you hundreds of dollars each year according to data from the US Department of Energy. Rebates are often available to make new installations more affordable.
  • Landscape Around Your Unit: Make sure that the area around your air conditioner is clear of brush and debris. Plants should be kept two to three feet away from the equipment. You should also turn off the unit every so often to hose down the sides. These obstacles can make it more difficult for your unit to perform at an acceptable level.
  • Keep Your Curtains Closed: To limit summer cooling costs in Jackson, make sure to keep your curtains and windows closed. The less heat introduced into your rooms, the more efficiently your air conditioner can do its job.

Below are a few quick tips to help you navigate no heat issues at your home before calling a technician to diagnose your issue:

  • Is power getting to your furnace or heater? Is a fuse or circuit breaker tripped? Make sure your power switch is in the ON position.
  • When was the last time you swapped out your filter? If it’s been a while, try installing a new filter first. This can solve a lot of heating problems.
  • Verify your thermostat is set to “heat” and not “cool”. If you notice the display is dim, try swapping out the batteries on the back of the unit.
  • Is there snow or other debris blocking your outdoor vent? If so, remove the obstruction. This will allow your system to work more effectively.

If you still don’t have heat, give us a call right away at (517) 879-2049 and we will get a technician to your home ASAP to diagnose and repair your heating issue.

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