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Ductwork in the home is an integral part of your home’s HVAC system. When ducts are damaged, not sealed properly or not installed properly, it can negatively impact your HVAC system, causing it to work harder and be inefficient. If you experience hot or cold spots, strange noises, or reduced efficiency, your ductwork could be the reason. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to call Aspen One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Duct Repair

Have you noticed a section of your ducting fallen off or a loose piece of ductwork flapping and rattling? If so, you can breathe a sigh of relief. There’s an HVAC contractor in the Jackson area well-versed in all types of duct repair. Our services range from sealing up holes to replacing deteriorated or failed sections, whether the issue lies in the attic or crawlspace. With our team of heating and AC experts, you can trust that your ductwork will be in capable hands.

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Duct Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your ducts is an excellent method for enhancing both your home’s air quality and your HVAC system’s efficiency. Our comprehensive cleaning service includes a thorough inspection of your ductwork by our technician for signs of leaks or damage. Using a brush, we meticulously remove any dirt buildup from inside your HVAC system. This ensures easier breathing for you and all occupants of your home. To schedule a duct cleaning in Jackson, please feel free to reach out to us at (517) 879-2049.

Duct Installation

Are you building your dream home and searching for a reliable solution to maintain the perfect temperature? Look no further—we’re here to assist with your new duct installation in the Jackson area. Our skilled HVAC engineers will craft a customized duct system tailored to meet the specific requirements of your new home. This process entails meticulous measurements and precise mathematical calculations to ensure optimal performance. Once completed, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your comfort is guaranteed.

Professional Ductwork Services Since 1981

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Ductwork services encompass a range of tasks aimed at ensuring efficient airflow and optimal performance of HVAC systems in residential and commercial buildings. These services include installation, repair, cleaning, and maintenance of ductwork, which is crucial for distributing heated or cooled air throughout the building. Professional ductwork installation ensures proper sizing, layout, and insulation to maximize energy efficiency and minimize heat loss or gain. Regular cleaning removes dust, debris, and contaminants from ducts, improving indoor air quality and preventing potential health issues. Additionally, ductwork repairs address leaks, gaps, or damage, ensuring seamless airflow and system efficiency. Professional ductwork services play a vital role in maintaining comfortable and healthy indoor environments for occupants.

As previously mentioned, the condition of your air ducts plays a crucial role in maintaining heating and cooling efficiency in your Jackson-area home. On average, homes lose a significant amount of treated air due to holes in the ductwork, which also allow dust and other contaminants to infiltrate your living space. Studies indicate that damaged or poorly designed ductwork is a primary contributor to energy loss in homes, directly impacting utility bills. If you’re seeking to reduce cooling and heating expenses, don’t hesitate to contact our Jackson-area HVAC company. During our visit, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your ducts to identify any damage and proceed to seal or insulate them, effectively minimizing air loss. In cases where repairs are impractical, we may recommend new duct installation to optimize efficiency and save on energy costs in the long run.

It’s usually quite obvious when your furnace or air conditioner requires repair—your home suddenly becomes uncomfortably cold or hot, and the familiar hum of your unit diminishes or ceases altogether. However, signs of ductwork issues are often more subtle but equally impactful.

  1. High Utility Bills: Major leaks in your ducts can result in significant air loss, leading to substantial spikes in heating and air conditioning bills, especially if your ductwork is located in the attic or crawlspace. To avoid paying more for less comfort, consider scheduling a ductwork inspection with Aspen One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

  2. Rattling and Squeaking: Loose ductwork tends to rattle and squeak when your HVAC system is in operation. Over time, these noises may become more pronounced. A local HVAC company in the Jackson area can often rectify these issues, promoting quieter and more restful sleep.

  3. Pest Infestations: Holes in your ducting provide refuge for various pests, including squirrels, rats, and insects. Signs of infestation may include an increase in rodent droppings or unpleasant odors emanating from your ductwork. Before proceeding with duct repairs, it’s advisable to enlist the help of a pest control expert.

  4. Mildew or Mold: Excess moisture often leads to the growth of mildew and mold, which can produce a musty odor when your furnace or AC is activated. Leaks in return air ductwork or poorly insulated ducts may be the culprits. Breathing in these contaminants can pose respiratory risks and exacerbate conditions such as asthma.

  5. Low Air Flow: Treated air from your HVAC system may escape through gaps or holes in your ductwork, resulting in decreased air pressure and diminished airflow from your vents. If you notice inconsistent temperatures throughout your home, faulty ductwork could be the cause.

If you’ve observed any of the aforementioned issues, it’s imperative to take action promptly. Delaying repairs could lead to long-term discomfort and increased expenses. Contact us at (517) 879-2049 to schedule a ductwork inspection in Jackson. Whether repair or replacement is necessary, our HVAC experts are ready to assist you.

Several factors contribute to why residents in Jackson, MI and the Surrounding Areas rely on Aspen One Hour for their duct replacement and repair needs. Firstly, we’re not your typical fly-by-night HVAC contractors—we’re genuine heating and AC experts backed by satisfied customers and certifications. Secondly, we don’t believe in quick fixes. Instead, we conduct a thorough assessment of your entire system before making recommendations, ensuring that the right solution is always provided. Whether you require a new register installation or duct sealing, count on us to deliver reliable and comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

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We have been dedicated to providing the absolute best home heating and cooling services to the Jackson County area since we opened our doors back in 1981. From the professionalism of our salespeople, to the dedication of our technicians, we are committed to delivering you the absolute best HVAC services. We take our responsibility very seriously when you place your trust in us and provide both performance and satisfaction guarantees on all of the work that we complete. Call us today or schedule your service to find out for yourself why we have earned a reputation of integrity and quality work since we opened our doors in 1981.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would you ask this question about oil changes? Probably not… As complex pieces of machinery, your air conditioner and furnace are not that different from your car. They need regular maintenance to function efficiently and routine inspections can ensure your equipment stays running strong and issue free year round. Annual maintenance inspections will catch small problems before they become major issues and will give you the peace of mind that you have done all you can to protect your investment on your home heating and cooling systems.

You’ll typically pay $80 to $200 for an A/C or furnace tune-up in Jackson. The amount depends on a variety of items including the number and size of your air conditioning units. Accessibility can also be a factor. While this may seem like a decent chunk of change, it’s a lot cheaper than paying for AC repair or replacement in Jackson. For savings opportunities, we suggest checking out our Comfort Club.

You hear your air conditioner buzzing along, but the number on the thermostat keeps climbing. When you check a nearby vent, you find the air from it is temperate at best. The lack of cold air has three likely causes:

  • Condenser Issues: Condensers in Jackson are typically located outside the home. They can sometimes get blocked by plants and other debris. Seasonal tree shedding is notorious. Clean it off. Your equipment should also be kept at least three feet from other objects.
  • Dirty Filters: You’re meant to change your furnace filter on a monthly basis. This is true even during AC season. Have you been doing that? If not, go check your filter. For anything darker than light grey, replace it with a new one. After changing the filter, give the unit time to adjust.
  • Evaporator Coil Issues: Filled with refrigerant, your evaporator coil is responsible for pulling the heat out of the air. If you see ice on it, the coil is likely the cause of your HVAC problems.

If these changes don’t help, give us a call at (517) 879-2049.

A lot of clients ask us this question. They want to know how much a new system or repair will cost before we evaluate your situation. Because of the numerous factors involved in heating and cooling systems, it’s nearly impossible to accurately provide estimates until we are on site and able to diagnose the problem. Once our technicians have been able to properly diagnose your issue, they will provide you with an itemized list of what needs to be repaired and will provide you with a final price to repair your HVAC issue.

With your typical HVAC system counting for roughly half of your energy consumption, you should always be looking for ways to cut down on energy consumption. If your electric or heating bills are giving you the blues, consider:

  • Upgrading Your System: Though this may seem like a counterintuitive way to save money, this move often pays for itself. Newer units not only cost less to run but also tend to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Opt for an Energy Efficient Cooling System: Going for an ENERGY STAR unit can save you hundreds of dollars each year according to data from the US Department of Energy. Rebates are often available to make new installations more affordable.
  • Landscape Around Your Unit: Make sure that the area around your air conditioner is clear of brush and debris. Plants should be kept two to three feet away from the equipment. You should also turn off the unit every so often to hose down the sides. These obstacles can make it more difficult for your unit to perform at an acceptable level.
  • Keep Your Curtains Closed: To limit summer cooling costs in Jackson, make sure to keep your curtains and windows closed. The less heat introduced into your rooms, the more efficiently your air conditioner can do its job.

Below are a few quick tips to help you navigate no heat issues at your home before calling a technician to diagnose your issue:

  • Is power getting to your furnace or heater? Is a fuse or circuit breaker tripped? Make sure your power switch is in the ON position.
  • When was the last time you swapped out your filter? If it’s been a while, try installing a new filter first. This can solve a lot of heating problems.
  • Verify your thermostat is set to “heat” and not “cool”. If you notice the display is dim, try swapping out the batteries on the back of the unit.
  • Is there snow or other debris blocking your outdoor vent? If so, remove the obstruction. This will allow your system to work more effectively.

If you still don’t have heat, give us a call right away at (517) 879-2049 and we will get a technician to your home ASAP to diagnose and repair your heating issue.

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We offer a wide range of financing options for every budget and situation and can finance both large and small HVAC projects. For more information, call us today to speak with a member of our team who can answer any questions you may have. For immediate approval, click on the link below to get approved in just a few minutes.

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